Condo living can be complicated.  Our community, especially, as it has so many neighborhoods/associations with different rules and regulations that apply to each.  We have added with this new website an FAQ page to help with the questions of how to live in Bird Bay.  We hope to address all of your questions including the most complex.  If you have a question that was not answered here, please go to our Contact page and submit it there.  Thank you.

  • How does the Bird Bay Village Community Association differ from your Phase or Condo Association?
    The Community Association does not own or maintain any condo units but it is responsible to the Owners of all 1026 units across all Bird Bay Village phases.  What is BBVCA?
    The Community Association is responsible for Bird Bay’s recreational buildings including the Club House, Fitness Room, Library and Multi-Purpose Room as well as recreation facilities: the main pool and the tennis, pickle ball, bocce and shuffle board courts. 
    The Community Association also organizes Bird Bay’s weekly and monthly activities including dances, speakers and coffees; bingo, cards and games; exercise activities; movie nights; and events like the Flea Market, Craft Show, and the Fashion Show.
  • How do I find out more about the Bird Bay Village Community Association and what this Board is doing?
    The BBV Community Association keeps residents informed through monthly Community Board meetings in season, (check the calendar for times) the monthly Bird Bay Village Bulletin, the Bird Bay website, the resident directory and the Community E-Blast program used for emailing important information.
    The Bird Bay website also includes copies of the Community Association Board’s meeting minutes and past issues of the Bird Bay Bulletin.
  • How do I find out about activities at Bird Bay Village?
    Residents can find out about the many activities Bird Bay Village offers through the monthly Bird Bay Village Bulletin, especially the calendar included at the center of every issue, as well as the Bird Bay website and your phase’s outdoor bulletin boards. 
    Once a year in January, the Community Association hosts an activity Expo where leaders from the various activities are present so you can learn more about activities that interest you.
  • How do I find out more about my phase or condo association?
    Residents can learn about their phase or condo association by attending monthly meetings (posted on the calendar on the website and monthly bulletin), checking the outdoor bulletin boards in your phase, reading the monthly Bird Bay Village Bulletin, especially the pages entitled Association News that includes contact and management information for each Bird Bay Village Phase.  In addition important information is posted on the News Articles page of the website. The website also includes key documents and meeting minutes as provided by each phase and Assn.
  • Who can post a unit for sale or rent on the Real Estate page of the website?
    Anyone that is an owner in Bird Bay and has a membership to the birdbayofvenice.com website.  You are required by the BB governing documents to rent for no less than 3 months.  Follow all guidelines of your property management office and of your specific association.  No real estate agents are to use the page to post listings for sale or rent.
  • Do I need a parking pass?
    Parking passes are required for all vehicles of owners in the BB Condo Assn; Phase I, II, IV and V.  The parking sticker should be placed in the upper right hand corner of the rear window.  All overnight guests also need a parking pass.  Please request a temporary parking pass for your guests in the BB Condo Management Office.  Seasonal renters are required to register their vehicle and put a parking sticker on the rear window upper right hand corner.