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Monday, January 11, 2021

Tai Chi
Location: MPR
Start Time: 4pm
Have you ever wanted to learn about Tai Chi? Well, now is your chance! Tai Chi is considered an internal martial art but, in recent years, this ancient practice has been found helpful for an increasing number of physical problems, as well as mental functioning. Often referred to as ‘mindfulness in motion,’ regular Tai Chi practice enhances balance, core strength, agility, and flexibility. Tai Chi has been extensively researched to show that it is effective in reducing falls. Mr. Hundley has over 15 years’ experience practicing and teaching Tai Chi. He holds certifications from several prominent teachers, including Dr. Paul Lam and Kenneth Cohen. Classes are held Monday at 4:00PM in the Clubhouse, through April. For more information, please contact Alan Hundley at (513) 325-0066 or